Welcome to Left Coast Seafood!


We opened our doors in March of 2002. Left Coast Seafood is owned & operated by father-daughter team, Rob & Mariel. Rob has lived in the Venice area since the 1960s and Mariel is a true “Florida cracker” – a native of the area. Both Rob & Mariel are graduates of Venice High School. Our family has owned & operated restaurants in the area for 3 generations. We both started helping out in the family business at a young age – Mariel swears she learned how to count from doing inventory with her dad.

Being in the seafood restaurant business for many decades has helped us create relationships with reliable local suppliers, and gives us the opportunity to provide quality food at an affordable price. We source locally whenever possible; whether it be seafood, dairy, produce, or even beer! Everything on our menu is prepared in house – even the cocktail & tartar sauce are made from scratch.

We are thankful for the support of our community and give back in many ways. We have done numerous fundraisers for organizations such as Loveland Center, Season of Sharing, and local food banks. We also support Venice High sports teams, alumni groups, and scholarship funds. The customer participation in our fundraising is always positively overwhelming. We thank our guests for their continued support of Left Coast as well as the surrounding community.